A new series started in 2018 by the artist, Product delves into the spirit of expressionism and abstract expressionism. The spirit of the work is derived from the Product of the artist's current research, emotional state and life experience up until the point of the end of the painting. Patterns and marks from Abecedaria originated here and continue to resurface and evolve in the work. 

Product 006 (what if it was all for naught) [diptych]
Acrylic, Sumi Ink, Enamel, Modeling Paste, Conte Crayon, Charcoal and Graphite on 2 x 10’ x 30” canvases

Product 008 (i would have told you but you never asked)
mixed media on heavyweight printmaking 11” x 14” paper 

Product 011 (where we are isn’t where we have always been) 
Acrylic, Enamel, Graphite, Charcoal, and Gesso on 24” x 36” canvas 

Product 000 (in spite of interia) 
mixed media on found frame/board 22” x 30”

Product 001 (how it feels, how it felt, how it whispers) 
Paper, Glue, Acrylic, Markers, Graphite, and Gesso on 8” x 10” Canvas Panel 

Product 001 (could have been rougher, could have been softer) 
Mixed media on 11” x 14” heavyweight printmaking paper 

Product 002 (the way he tasted made most women lose their minds) 
Acrylic, Krink-K60, Graphite, Charcoal, and Markers on 8” x 10” Canvas Panel 

Product 009 (hide it, shove it down) 
Sumi Ink, Krink K-60, Marker, Gesso, Charcoal and Graphite on 12” x 22” deep set raw wood panel