alicia serling

Knifed at the Altar

Magic hasn’t always been discredited as an occult belief. It is regional, it is cultural, it is spiritual, it is about manifestation and oneness but, most importantly there isn’t one magic. It changes, it shifts, and has adapted throughout history. It permeates society and rational thought. It has been fought over and fought for, for thousands of years.

Exploring the connotations of “no one magic” can it be manifested with intention into new forms? Can shadow work be done on a page writing frantically to confront one’s inner demons? Can spells be embedded into objects with newly formed symbols and sigils? Will it hold more weight with the addition of a combination of ancient languages, and the ritual practice? The maker is interrogating forming new magic through the act of making.

the hidden ones

︎ alicia serling ︎ Los Angeles, CA 2021 ︎